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Solutek Productivity Intelligence Reporting

SPIRE is the pinnacle of production reporting systems, allowing instant access to the most important information from the broad data set. That is, real time production metrics.

SPIRE provides the information and data visualisation tools to view plant performance by collating multiple data sources, summarising the data and providing a single point of access.

SPIRE allows you to look at the information from the top, no more wading through the real time production metrics for to calculate the magic number.

Having SPIRE as the single source of the truth allows everyone to agree on what the data is and how it is derived.

SPIRE allows you to combine all of your data sources into a single reporting interface. The automated capture of data from multiple data sources and advanced data correlation ensures all data can be drawn together for analysis. SPIRE makes possible the viewing of planning, production metrics and asset performance on a single screen.

SPIRE allows you to analyse the data how and when you want through the SPIRE Data Analysis module, for example compare yield and quality summarised by throughput band, to determine optimum rates.